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Hershey Park or Bust(ed)

The weekend before Thanksgiving we went to Christmas in Hershey for the first time ever. It was fantastic. We haven’t been to Hershey in about 5 or 6 years and have never gone for the Christmas/Winter celebration. They had lights EVERYWHERE. (Of course, I didn’t take my good—brand new—camera so the pictures are just so-so.) We went to the preview Friday night which was nice because it was pretty empty. But cold. Really cold. Freeze-your-butt-off cold, especially if you forget and sit down on one of the metal benches. :/ The kiddo and the other kids loved going on all the rides. The coasters are all closed, so it’s really, in my opinion, more for younger kids—maybe up til 13ish—since a lot of the bigger rides are shut down. There are a few there and if you like to look at the lights and all that stuff, it’s worth it, but there are certainly more rides opened for the younger ones. After about 3 hours of freezing and walking, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We ate at Fuddruckers for the first time. I, personally, wasn’t impressed. I had a chicken sandwich and fries. The fries were super spicy, which I don’t care for. The husband had one of the hamburgers and said it was really good. But honestly, nothing to write home about. So after that we headed back to the hotel. And that’s when I knew I was in trouble. The husband was going to play cards so the kiddo and I got ready for bed. We both got in and watched TV for a bit. I got up to shut the heat off and I knew it. I knew I did something to my back. I normally have lower back pain and it comes and goes, but this was different. It was stiffer quicker and more painfully. I thought a good night sleep would fix me up though.

Wrong. Saturday I woke up in agony. I got in the shower hoping the hot water would help, only, I couldn’t get my right leg out of the shower when I was done. I had to ask the husband to help me get out of the shower! Ugh. Of course I didn’t want to miss anything that day so I worked through the pain and got us ready and off we went to breakfast and the park. We spent a good portion of the day there and headed back to the hotel about 6ish to go to dinner at 8. The pain was unbelievably bad at this point and walking to the restaurant (and in!) was excruciating.

Sunday wasn’t much better, but luckily we were just doing breakfast, the Trolley Ride and the Chocolate World tour. The Trolley ride/tour was really cute and I highly recommend it if you go at Christmas. We’ve never done that, not even when we were younger, and it was a real treat. The Chocolate World tour we’ve done before, but the kiddo didn’t remember it, so he loved smelling and seeing all the chocolate. His “prize” for being so good on the tour was “the largest Hershey Kiss we can find” when we get off the tour. And that we did:

We then saw Santa and then headed home. I was sooo happy to be on our way. All I wanted to do was get home and relax and try to deal with the pain. The ride home was a bit brutal at times.

It’s now been a week and one day and I still have back pain. :/ It’s a 1000 times better, but not 100% back to normal. I can bend and I can walk. It’s better than nothing, which is where I was a week ago. ;)

It Just Can’t Be

How is it that it’s the end of August already? I have a whole big TwiCon post sitting in draft because I haven’t been able to get time to add the photos that go with it! LOL It was started Aug. 3rd!

Last week all 3 of use were on vacation. First the kiddo, my mom and I headed down south to the beach. Well, I’ve the the beach all along the west of me, but we went 2 hours south to Wildwood.

The Kiddo @ Wildwood

The Kiddo @ Wildwood

The rest of the week we spent hiking it to Ikea for various furniture needs. However, I am proud to say we put together an Expedit TV entertainment center by ourselves:

Expedit Entertainment Center

Expedit Entertainment Center

We’re still minus a kitchen table. It’s sold out. Bleh. Hopefully it will be in soon. (Was sooo not paying $149 shipping on a $179 item.)

Now this past Monday I was back to work. Reality, it sucks. Here’s hoping the week picks up and moves faster! At least Barnes & Nobles just called… my book is in.

Undead & Unworthy

Undead & Unworthy

Let the countdown begin!

In 3 days and 23 minutes or so, the plane will be taking off and I’ll be on my way to TwiCon 2009. *Ü* I can’t wait. Of course I’m anxious over the flight, but still.

I’ve got my clothes all ready to pack, picked out my autograph item, and have written down instructions for the husband for the kiddo (who is home today due to a horrible cough). Last minute measuring has revealed that my carry-on bag is two inches too deep for Continental. Crud. I’m not buying a $100 bag so I can pack LESS. So we’ll be checking. Yes, it will cost me $15 each way, however, I’ll be able to fit what I need. I did see a neat bag at Costco yesterday… it allowed you to decrease the size of the bag to 9″, which would be good, but again, it was $113. AND my current bag (Costco, lol) was much better made. The wheels on mine are rollerblade wheels, where the ones on the changeable one I saw were just that hard plastic.

This is only my third time traveling a distance and going somewhere that I’d get souvenirs. Any thoughts on what to bring back? I don’t want to get stuck with truly useless tchotchkes.