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Happy Mother’s Day!

Ah, Mother’s Day.  I woke up reasonably late – 9:40. I spent the next hour or so making chocolate chip pancakes for the kiddo.  After which, my mother called and we decided on and booked a mini vacation down at Wildwood during August.  Nothing grandiose, but we were able to grab 2 nights at a motel with a pool and within a one block walk from the beach/boardwalk.  What was suppose to be a 4 adult 1 child escape is down to grandma, mom and child. ;)

I was given my other gift today (the first being a pair of sneakers that may have to go back – they are opened backed and apparently my left foot is a tad longer than my right, go figure).

I was given the reserve card for the XBOX 360 Ghostbusters game, due out 6.16.09. :) I can’t wait for this game! Being able to fight the Stay Puft Marshmallow guy?! Pure heaven.

After some computer catching-up, I ran to the store to grab some more yogurt (uhm, pleasant MD surprise – down 5 pounds since last Thursday) and headed back home only to run back out to the tennis courts with the kiddo and husband. Not that any of us play, lol, but the kiddo has been itching to go, so we went. And tennis in croc flip-flops takes talent, people, pure talent. Once the kiddo had enough (or more so, *I* had enough of the whining about not being able to hit the ball) we headed back home for some quick BBQ before the husband left for work. We walked away from the courts with one minor injury – not bad!