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Ick, Monday.

First of all, I’m trying out a new blog theme. I’m wanting to try my hand on creating my own, so bought a cheapy one to dissect. ;) I love the whole scrapbook look, so that’s a plus.

And now back to Monday. I am FREEZING. It’s currently 49° out and I am cold. It has defeated me—the heat is on. :(

Didn’t start out as a good day either. I didn’t want to get up, the kiddo didn’t want to get off the couch to get ready, THEN he decided to grumble all the way to the bus, “I do NOT want to get on the bus. I do NOT want to go to school.” Fun times!

So now here I sit, trying to work, while freezing. Glass tops for desks are not all they are cracked up to be. ;)

Brian is out cold, should be up putting together the darn kitchen ‘table’ that we got at Ikea. The kitchen is not an eat in kitchen and it’s been murder finding a thin enough table to go against the wall. Well low and behold, we found one! Only, it’s been out of stock forever. So they finally got them in and I can’t be more excited! Finally a place to put the pots and pans when I use the oven!

It’s nothing fantastic or even beautiful, but it definitely fits our needs (with added drawer space too!):


Later today I have to go pick up the fundraiser/food. Our school system does Market Day and I’ve ordered a couple of times now. They had some neat potatoes I wanted to try, so today is pick-up day. Don’t really want to go out, but hey, I’d go anywhere for taters. ;)