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So now I feel guilty. Great.

So I join a gift site and someone sends me $10 via PayPal towards the iPhone on my wish list (that’s how it works).

This bothers me immensely. I don’t know the person, so it really made me feel funny. Taking money from someone I don’t know.  Not cool. So I sent a nice email saying that although I appreciate the gesture, and find it beyond thoughtful, I just can’t accept it. I get an email back. He feels bad for making me feel bad. Which now makes me feel even worse. See? Taking money from someone you don’t know—not cool.

But while on the subject of the iPhone, I bought the husband an iPod Touch and I freaking love it. I’m still aiming for the iPhone, although he keeps telling me to buy a touch because in two years I’ll want a new phone and I’ll have a bum iPhone. :| I’m not so sure about that theory.