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Say hello to my new vacuum:

Dyson Animal Ball

Dyson Animal Ball

Yes, I bit the bullet and ordered one. Thankfully, I remembered about HSN (Home Shopping Network) and QVC and looked it up on there. Grabbed this bad boy for $485 w/out shipping (shipping was $21, not really a bargain, but it still pushed me under a normal price). Now granted, it’s not the most current model, but it came with extra stuff too. But now I wait. I ordered Violet (yes, I am naming her) on the 31st. I’m still waiting. I keep tracking her on UPS but it keeps saying, “Billing information received.” Sigh. WTH HSN? I want my darn vacuum. It’s time to put the old out to pasture (aka the dump).

This will be our 4th vacuum in the 6 years we’ve lived here. The entire house is carpets. I originally decided against the Dyson—who wants to pay for it? Plus we were thinking about wood floors (because of the dog hair), but then decided that she’d scratch the wood, so since we’re sticking with carpet, we’ll spend the money. Because I bought on HSN.com, I did the flexpay (4 payments) which is really the only way I could a) afford it up front and b) justify buying it.

Is it truly sad that I’m this excited over a vacuum?