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Criticism sucks.

crybabyYeah, I know. No one likes criticism. But criticism on something that you’re forced to do, something that you have no desire to do, just sucks even more. It’s like, “I need you to bake 2 dozen cookies.” “The cookies you baked? You used too much sugar and not enough flour. Thanks anyway.” (Ok, but imagine not wanting to bake the cookies, or that you didn’t want to bake the cookies AND you spent all that [now wasted] time on them.) Wow, right?

As a mom, you’d think I’d be use to being critiqued. “You’re not feeding him right.” “You’re not dressing him warm enough.” “You’re not putting him to bed early enough.” “You’re babying him.” “You’re creating a monster.” AAARGH!  Sadly though, I am not thick skinned and I take everything to heart. So even after being stomped on over and over again, it still. freaking. hurts.