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Vampire Obsession

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Photo by JLplusAL

I know I’ve written about my vampire obsession before. I just can’t help myself, especially around this time of year; my only favoritest time of year.

The kiddo isn’t big on Halloween costumes, but normally (ok, for the past 5 years) he’s some sort of Star Wars character. We’ve been Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Darth Vader, Obi Wan and a storm trooper. Yeah, that’s a LOT of Star Wars.

But this year, THIS YEAR, he’s going to be a vampire! Muahahahahaha. Ok, so he really didn’t pick it out himself—it was more “Well, you could be a vampire and just wear a cape!” But still… a win is a win, right?

I’ve also started back into The Black Dagger Brotherhood. I’m picking up on book 6, Lover Enshrined. There is just something so fantastic about big, beefy vampires ruling and fighting for their own kind. Don’t get me wrong, Edward Cullen still rocks my socks, Eric Northman is beyond sexy and Damon Salvatore could turn me any day, but the way JR Ward makes The Brotherhood so protective and gentle (when they need to be), it’s just beyond sexy. It makes me glad I have the nook because I can keep the entire collection with me all the time.

V”"V –night!

The Vampire Diaries

So I’m on a huge The Vampire Diaries kick now that it’s back on. Well, the kick started before the season premiere, but I’m still in the midst of it. I’m watching the DVDs of season 1 and am now reading the 6th book (left face, right face, left face, right face, left face—right face, yes, 6th) book. I have to admit, sometimes I find the books a bit hard to follow. I had the most problems with book 5 and all the shinshi (say what?!) talk. I did love all the attention to Damon and so far, Shadow Souls is keeping on with the Damon yuminess.

Of course, the premiere was Awesome. <–note the capital A. It was that good. I loved the first few minutes of the replay of the last few minutes of the finale. It was great to see it from the other point of view while bringing you back up to date. Of course, the whole thing was made much better by my companion: grande non-fat pumpkin spice latte, no whip. I rarely drink the whole thing, but last night, dagnabit, I did. Every. Stinking. Drop. Yum. Now my “job” this week is to watch the remaining episodes on the DVDs so I can remember everything. Then I’ll be ready for Thursday night.

It Just Can’t Be

How is it that it’s the end of August already? I have a whole big TwiCon post sitting in draft because I haven’t been able to get time to add the photos that go with it! LOL It was started Aug. 3rd!

Last week all 3 of use were on vacation. First the kiddo, my mom and I headed down south to the beach. Well, I’ve the the beach all along the west of me, but we went 2 hours south to Wildwood.

The Kiddo @ Wildwood

The Kiddo @ Wildwood

The rest of the week we spent hiking it to Ikea for various furniture needs. However, I am proud to say we put together an Expedit TV entertainment center by ourselves:

Expedit Entertainment Center

Expedit Entertainment Center

We’re still minus a kitchen table. It’s sold out. Bleh. Hopefully it will be in soon. (Was sooo not paying $149 shipping on a $179 item.)

Now this past Monday I was back to work. Reality, it sucks. Here’s hoping the week picks up and moves faster! At least Barnes & Nobles just called… my book is in.

Undead & Unworthy

Undead & Unworthy