Four Random Words


These are the 4 random words that I am to write about. Hmmm… lol. Let’s see if I can pull this off.

Corner: This one is actually an easy one. I sit sort of facing the left of my desk. Behind the left part of my desk is the corner of the wall (well, there is about a foot-and-a-half from the desk to the left wall) and I’m constantly looking at that corner. It’s dull. I need to come up with something to put in that corner while keeping it simple as I’ve got photos on the wall directly above/behind the desk. Can’t clash. I’ll probably hit up Pinterest or Etsy for some ideas.

Kiss: Another easy one… nothing better than a baby kiss! The baby is growing like a weed and it’s amazing watching her grow and expand on her personality. She’s definitely a baby that likes to make her presence known, whether it’s via soft coos or loud, raspy screams. But give her a big old smooch on the cheek and she’ll melt in your arms and try to kiss you back. Pure love.

Cream: This one made me think for a bit because I see ‘cream’ and immediately think of the color. And I’ve got nothing. BUT while I was walking past my entertainment center I spotted my newest Halloween additions:

That got me to thinking about Halloween and the fall and bam! pumpkin spice creamer. ;) So now I’m on a hunt for it. And Starbucks should be putting out their Pumpkin Spice Latte soon as well!

Finally, creeper. This one I am stumped on. My immediate thought is creeper = someone who creeps around. Which makes me think of the kiddo creeping over to the baby and trying to pick her up after I’ve told him not to. ;) But then I’m not so sure that’s what creeper is. But this is my ‘game’ and I’m sticking with someone who creeps. ;)

And now I’m off to inspect the house for damage from the earthquake (I highly doubt there is any; while it was felt, it was minor). My first one ever. And I did not like it. :/

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30 {mumble mumble} year-old full time work-at-home mom to a twelve-year-old boy and a two-year-old girl. A social media enthusiast/gadget freak/plain old geek just trying to get through the day with my friend, Joe Coffee.

4 thoughts on “Four Random Words

  1. 1) I heart Pinterest.

    2) Nothing beats baby kisses. Do we get to meet her this weekend?

    3) Pumpkin spice. Yummy. Drool. My favorite.

    And who told you that you could put up your fall decorations yet? I thought we always waited ’til September!

    4) Perhaps that Charlie Brown looking character in the witch costume could qualify? :-D

    Glad you’re back blogging!
    Shari@Rain into Rainbows recently posted..I (felt) the earth move under my feet

        1. Yes. :( I got the catalog and went online and everything I wanted was sold out. :( My mom got this one for me at hers.

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