SC Johnson Smart and Easy Spring Cleaning

A few weeks ago I received the package to the left and immediately fell in love. I love cleaning supplies! I absolutely jumped at the chance of joining the BzzAgent SC Johnson Smart and Easy Spring Cleaning campaign.

Inside the box was:




  • 1 Glade Spring Candle
  • 1 Lemon Pledge
  • 1 Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer
  • 1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel
  • 1 Glad Plugin Refill

I have to say, the first thing I jumped at using was the toilet cleaning gel. The smell is amazing, it’s beyond easy to use (no lifting the tank lid and flushing the toilet while quickly dropping tablets in that you can’t touch yet they never fall exactly flat) and it just works.

The Lemon Pledge speaks for itself. There’s nothing better than the smell that is left after dusting with Lemon Pledge. It leaves your house smelling clean. I read a trick somewhere by someone who said that if you need to quickly tidy before guests come over last minute, spray some Lemon Pledge and it will give the illusion that you just cleaned. Pretty neat.

I’ve used the Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer previously and it is hard to come by around me. I think that as soon as it comes it, it sells out! Yes, it’s that great. I’m a fan of Scrubbing Bubbles to begin with, but the sprayer on the mega shower foamer is awesome and covers more of an area in one spray than the original does.

Invisible grime barrier is activated each time bathroom surfaces get wet, working for up to four days

I have to say, this is totally the case. Our bathroom sink is used by the 3 of us. It gets dirty really fast. But after I spray and clean with the Mega Shower Foamer, it stays cleaner, longer. The grime/scale stays away much longer and the clean smell lasts longer too.

As for the candle and the plugin, I could not be happier. As a dog and cat owner, I can tell you that there are animal smells in my house (and yes, they drive me crazy). The Glade candle and the Glade plugin both give off a nice fresh scent that doesn’t over power the “natural” smells you have in your house, yet they still mask them. It’s great to be able to walk into the house without going, “Eew, dog.” right off the bat.

All of these products came in so handy for Easter. After we installed the new wood laminate flooring, the house just felt dirty because of the dust/debris from cutting and sawing, etc. The Scrubbing Bubbles took care of the bathrooms with ease and the candle, plugin,  and Lemon Pledge took care of the rest of the house. By the time company arrived for Easter dinner, the house was spotless!

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  1. Why do I never get that stuff?? LOL I try every time & just get the coupons. Oh well, now I’m trying to use natural cleaners. Speaking of which, did you know that Target now carries Mrs. Meyers (LOVE their lavender!) and Watkins? They both smell THE BEST!

    Anywho, miss ya, chica. Bambino needs to show up soon! Love!!
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