Canine Influenza, Oh My.

Not sure if anyone is familiar with canine influenza (H3N8) but now I sure am.

We had a little incident with the pup and decided to get her into an obedience school. She’s there for 7 days (Tuesday-Friday) when she starts this noise thing, like a backwards sneeze (there is such a thing!). Then, her nose starts running. This is after she had gone to the vet 8 days prior (which cost me $295). So the vet gives us some antihistamine ($14) and an antibiotic ($84) and a bill ($166). Not 7 days later and she’s got green gunk coming out of her nose. So I call the vet. Yep, canine influenza, aka doggy flu. Adding more antibiotics to the mix ($180) and the grand total of vet bills is: $641. Sigh.

On the positive side, she is getting better now and I hope to have her back in school come Tuesday. :)